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Environmental Conservation / Quality Control

Environmental Conservation

Values the Local Society and
Aims to Develop
a Manufacturing environment
in Harmony with
Humans and Nature

Four Guidelines for the Environment

In Harmony with
the Natural Environment

We endeavor to harmonize with the rich environment of Usuki and utilize its power in manufacturing our products. We will hand over the rich environment to the next generation.

Prevention of
Global Warming

For achieving a low-carbon society, we promote energy saving in all processes of our business activity and actively use alternative energy, which is friendly to the environment.

Construction of
a Recycling Society

To reduce loads on the environment, we actively promote 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), which intends to efficiently utilize anything that can be reused or recycled as a resource.

Work Environment Friendly
to Humans

In addition to the conservation of the global environment, we also try to establish a work environment which is friendly to our workers: "the company is for its workers."

Energy Sources to Reduce CO2

Energy Sources Are Limited to Electricity

To reduce the emission of CO2, which is thought to be the cause of global warming, we use LPG and LNG, which are friendly to the environment, at our soy sauce factory and dressing factory.
To improve production efficiency, we grasp the energy consumption per production unit at each factory to save energy and try to reduce excessiveness, wastefulness and irregularity in production. We have also set a numerical goal for each of our energy-saving activities, such as "the introduction of an energy-saving machine," "changing to LED lights" and "turning off lights and air conditioners at break times," and report our progress at monthly meetings. At the end of the year, we summarize our activities to utilize the result for the next year's goal of energy saving.

Waste Water Treatment for
the Natural Environment

Own Waste Water Treatment Facilities for
Each Factory

Each of our factories is fully equipped with its own waste water facilities suitable for its products to prevent environmental pollution and damage.

Harmony with the Rich Environment

Specialists Survey the Ecosystem and
Make Insect Specimens.Maintains a Hygienic
Environment Suitable for a Food Factory
Without Causing Environmental Damage

Since each of our factories is located in a natural environment, specialists thoroughly survey the surrounding ecosystem and make specimens of insects living there. We design our factory structures to prevent those insects from entering the factories and install lighting facilities which do not attract them to maintain a hygienic environment without damaging the ecosystems.

Recycling Food Waste into Compost

A large amount of food waste is produced everyday at each factory. We recycle it into compost to make a fertile soil.

No Asphalt Pavement on the Premises

The premises of each factory, which is surrounded by a rich natural environment, is not asphalt-paved so that rainwater permeates underground.

"Soy Sauce Factory" Aims for Zero Waste

Our soy sauce factory aims to be "an environment-friendly factory." In January 2014, we totally replaced our old fuel systems, such as cogeneration systems and boilers which use A-type heavy oil, with fuel systems using natural gas. It is the first factory in Oita Prefecture that is equipped with storage facilities of liquefied natural gas on its premises.
This has allowed us to reduce 1,400 tons of carbon dioxide emission, which is equivalent to about 30% of our past annual average emission of CO2.

In 2004, we also developed a steam boiler which uses steam generated in soy sauce fermentation to reduce energy consumption.
We also use part of the generated steam to further dry dehydrated sludge produced in the waste water treatment process and distribute it as compost to nearby farmers.

Our soy sauce factory, the first factory in Oita that is equipped with storage facilities of liquefied natural gas (LNG)

Soy sauce factory located in the rich natural environment of Usuki

Dressing factory aims to be friendly to both the environment and humans

A bird found in nature of Usuki

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