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Outline of the Oita Miso Cooperative Company
(Fundokin Shoyu Co., Ltd Group)


This cooperative union and factory was established with the leadership of the Fundokin Shoyu Company for the manufacture of miso and miso processed products.

Starting with the procurement of raw ingredients such as soy beans, rice, and barley, the factory provides a complete manufacturing process, including the filling and packaging of the miso produced there.

① Applying proprietary preparation techniques

Machine making miso

The flavor of miso depends on the koji used, which is a mold used in fermentation. First, rice is steamed twice which becomes the base material for the highest-quality koji. Then our koji is refined to a level of quality 2 to 3 times higher than standard koji.

② Raw materials are processed using Fundokin’s proprietary methods to bring out subtle umami flavors without introducing any off-flavors

Machine making misoMiso making person

Miso that has a high amount of koji and which has not been matured very long often has a distinct, strong odor, but Fundokin’s long years of experience and technological expertise allow us to create miso that instead has a pleasant aroma.

③ Skills passed down over generations

Miso made in Kyushu

We select only the best barley, and taste-test our soy beans to ensure only the best-tasting beans are used

We do not rely on sorting machines, but instead use our senses, taste-testing our ingredients to select only the best materials.

Our barley is primarily grown in Kyushu, and we always carefully choose only the best lots by sampling each one.

  • Founding of the Cooperative: July 1, 1984
  • Completion of the Cooperative Factory: March 3, 1986
  • Founding Capital: 40 million yen
  • Number of Employees: 105
  • Overall Production Output: 15,000 tons (1st in West Japan, 5th in the nation)
  • Total Number of Products: 520 (packaged products)
  • International Environmental Management System ISO14001
  • JAS Certified Organic Processed Food Factory
  • Labor Safety Management System OHSAS 18001